Ona Coffee releases WBC-winning CM Selections Tasting Flight

Ona Coffee has released the CM Selections Tasting Flight, which includes several coffees used at the 2018 World Barista Championship (WBC).

The tasting flight is made up of three 200-gram bags of coffee from the CM Selections series, each roasted to suit a different preparation method.

The series, sourced from Project Origin, takes its name from carbonic maceration, the process used to create each coffee’s flavour profile. This method uses controlled fermentation to develop the flavour profiles of each coffee.

Sam Corra, Head Roaster for Ona Coffee, is excited to be able to share these coffees with the public.

“We wanted to make these coffees available to the public as soon as we could after the WBC,” he says.

“There was only a limited amount of these coffees to take to Amsterdam for the WBC.

“Now that the main shipment of coffee has arrived from Ethiopia, we can start sharing them in releases like this.”

For espresso, Ona Coffee has prepared the Diamond 1318, used by 2018 World Barista Champion Agniezska Rojewska of Poland.

For filter, it has roasted the Indigo 0718 used by several competitors in the Australian Brewers Cup finals in March, 2018.

For milk-based coffee, Ona Coffee has prepared the Jasper 0818, used by New Zealand WBC finalist John Gordon – a coffee he says is about more than just flavour.

“The carbonic maceration process is incredible for helping to express unique and complex flavour profiles,” John says. “But it is ground-breaking in terms of what it means for producers. The level of control you have over the rate and development of fermentation is outstanding.”

Each tasting flight has been released with detailed information cards, including recommended recipes, tasting notes and origin information.

The CM Selections Tasting Flight is available in limited quantities via the Ona Coffee online store.

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