Ona Coffee to serve John Gordon’s WBC coffee

Ona Coffee Marrickville will serve John Gordon’s 2018 World Barista Championship (WBC) coffee this Saturday 7 July.

Early birds to the cafe from 8am will have the chance to try the milk-based coffee John used to place sixth at this year’s WBC final in Amsterdam.

The coffee is from Project Origin’s CM Selections from Ethiopia, called Jasper. 

The coffee was developed with  Carbonic Maceration (CM) process, first introduced to the world by Project Origin founder, Saša Šestić during the 2015 World Barista Championship in Seattle.

John, representing New Zealand, had just six kilograms of this experimental lot to play with.

During his WBC routine, John said the contact time during fermentation was a lot longer than normal, allowing for sweetness in the cup.

His competition coffee was roasted on a Stronghold roaster that has a vertical drum with a combination of halogen and hot air for heat source.

This technology allowed John to focus on the internal development of his coffee, increasing the caramelisation of sugars and giving the coffee more sweetness and body.

With an espresso recipe of 22 grams and 38 grams out, John’s milk-based coffee was described as having flavours of “melted milk chocolate, and pink strawberry marshmallow”.

To try this coffee for yourself, Ona Coffee Marrickville has a limited supply ready to be shared, roasted on a Giesen roaster and offered on a first come, first served basis from 8am.

Image credit: Jeff Hann for World Coffee Events

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