Ona Coffee releases spring-themed coffee blends

Ona Coffee spring

Ona Coffee has announced the release of several themed coffee blends to celebrate spring, each designed to taste like a different spring flower and fruit.

The blends, named Jasmine and Peach, Violet and Blueberry, and Strawberry and Rose, are each roasted and blended for different methods of preparation.

Ona Coffee Head Roaster Sam Corra says that each blend was chosen to express different elements of spring and celebrate the natural characteristics of the coffees.

“We carefully selected each coffee for each of the Flavours of Spring blends, choosing different countries and varietals of coffee to create the unique flavours,” Sam says.

“The Jasmine [and Peach] blend is designed to be made as an espresso, with notes of jasmine, orange blossom, and peaches. The Violet [and Blueberry] blend has notes of blueberries and violets when made as a milk coffee, and as a filter coffee, the Rose [and Strawberry] blend has strong notes of rose, raspberry, and strawberry.”

Ona COffee SPringSam says that the idea for the blends originated from a collaboration with Floriade, Canberra’s annual flower festival which occurs during September and October.

“We’ve worked a lot with the team from VisitCanberra, so when they approached us and asked if we had any coffees that tasted like flowers, we saw an opportunity to get creative,” he says.

“Many different varietals of coffee naturally have floral characteristics, so we wanted to express those qualities the best way possible.”

Each of the blends is made with components from Project Origin’s carbonic maceration (CM) Selections series, featuring CM coffees from Panama, Ethiopia, and El Salvador.

“We were lucky enough to get our hands on some of Project Origin’s new experimental coffees, some of which had really unique floral and fruit qualities,” Sam says.

“These add a layer of complexity to those floral and fruit flavours and were just perfect for building these blends. It was all perfect timing, really.”

The Flavours of Spring coffees will be available throughout spring via onacoffee.com.au/blends and at select retailers.

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