Ona to serve WBC-winning coffee at Marrickville

Anyone interested in sampling the same coffee Agnieszka Rojewska of Poland used to win this year’s World Barista Championship (WBC) should stop by Ona Coffee Marrickville on Saturday 30 June. 

“We’re really excited to be serving this coffee to the public. We worked very closely with the team from Project Origin who has sourced and helped to develop this coffee. It’s their idea to create world-class coffee that can be enjoyed by the general consumer,” says Head Barista and Manager of Ona Coffee Marrickville, Isaac Kim.

“We were lucky enough to be given some of this coffee by the Ona Coffee roasting team. They had restrictions on their luggage allowance for the trip to Amsterdam and couldn’t fit all the coffee in, so the bags that couldn’t make it were passed onto us.”

For her championship-winning coffee, Agnieszka used a lot from Project Origin’s CM Selections series, in the Diamond category. 

Coffees in this category are delicate, elegant and typically display floral and light fruit qualities. It was created through collaboration between Project Origin and Meseret of Primrose in Ethiopia, who organised the experimental lot at the ZB washing station in Mesina, Guji. 

The coffee has undergone a washed carbonic maceration, during which the coffee is pulped, placed into tanks and pressurised with carbon dioxide in order to control the rate of anaerobic fermentation.

Ona Coffee Head Roaster Sam Corra has roasted the competition coffee with “more development” for Marrickville customers, which he says is a slightly heavier flavour expression. 

The coffee will feature on Marrickville’s Reserve Menu. It will be prepared as an espresso, using the same recipe Agnieszka used in the WBC finals. 

For those who miss out on the opportunity to sample Agnieszka’s championship coffee (there’s only three bags available) Ona Coffee Marrickville has more than 10 other coffees currently on its reserve menu.

No booking are required to reserve a tasting of this coffee. Distribution of the winning coffee will be first come, first served from 8am, 30 June.

Image credit: Jeff Hann

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