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open for business barista technology australia

Barista Technology Australia is still dedicated to providing the local market with access to the best and most innovative equipment from around the world.

The Puqpress automatic tamper is beloved for the consistency it brings to busy coffee shops. Four new models of the Puqpress are expected to hit our shores this winter. This includes three under-the-grinder tampers to suit the Mahlkönig E65S and E65GBW, E80, and Fiorenzato F64 and F83 models.

Barista Technology will also be introducing a new, entry-level Puqpress model in multiple colours for low volume cafés, and even home use.

But consistency doesn’t end at the tamp. The Perfect Moose milk steamer is seeing solid interest in the market, with McCafé trialling them in more than 50 stores. It provides improvements in workflow efficiency, more consistent milk texture, and reduces wait times in drive-through restaurants. Many other large coffee chains are now also trialling the Perfect Moose to assist in maintaining profitability.

Large chain cafés will also benefit from Barista Technology’s new water filtration monitoring systems to maintain total dissolved solid levels of their water, which assists in reducing overall filter replacement and maintenance costs.

Barista Technology will also launch a specialty coffee grinder, the Bentwood Vertical 63, as a new alternative to popular models on the market.

Keep up to date with Barista Technology for more exciting developments in the coffee telemetry space and how it can assist large chains in monitoring the process of their baristas within a given brew profile.

The Barista Technology team is working hard on a number of other coffee technology products that it can’t wait to share with the industry soon.

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