Open for Business: Cafetto

open for business cafetto

During this time, the hospitality industry has been hit hard with most businesses forced to remodel and focus on their takeaway options.

If customers aren’t getting a takeaway coffee, they’re having coffee at home on a domestic coffee machine. Cafetto has adapted to the changing needs of consumers by introducing a range of products in sachet format. It has re-packaged its customers’ most-loved products into smaller, domestic, consumer sizes for the retail market.

Sachets provide customers with a simple, easy-to-use solution for cleaning their coffee machines. A measured dose eliminates wastage and overdosing of product as there is no need to calculate dilution rates. Single use sachets are convenient and offer easy product handling with no risk of contamination. The home customer will be able to easily and confidently ensure that their domestic machine is clean, and that they are getting the best at-home coffee possible.

Cafetto products Evo, Espresso Clean, Grinder Clean, MFC Powder Blue, MFC Powder Red, Spectra, and Inverso are available in retail boxes.

Also available are Eco Capsule Clean and Tevo Mini cleaning tablets. This range gives customers a variety of choices for their different machines whether they would like to clean a traditional or automatic machine, grinder, capsule pod machine, or crockery and milk jugs.

To learn more about Cafetto products visit or contact to become a distributor.

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