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open for business Campos Coffee

When Will Young, Campos Coffee’s Founder learned of Zeta Grealy and the coffee she was growing in the Northern Rivers region, he knew he had to visit.

“Everyone always asks me what Australian-grown coffee tastes like. Zeta gives us a great answer,” he says.

“Australia produces 200 containers of coffee a year, but we rarely consume it ourselves. It’s remarkable how much Australian coffee is shipped overseas, mainly to Japan. We have been waiting for a long-term local partner and we have definitely found one in Zeta. This is the best Australian-grown coffee we’ve been able to roast in decades.”

Will made the visit and was so impressed by what he saw and tasted that, on Anzac Day 2020, Campos Coffee released a small lot of Zeta’s coffee. The $25 per bag offering sold out almost overnight.

“It’s really syrupy with hints of toffee and caramel, almost a lamington flavour with florals as well,” Will notes, saying that the coffee scores higher than many micro-lots they’ve reviewed from overseas.

According to Will, Zeta’s coffee stands out for the care with which it is cultivated.

“This is Australian coffee with fidelity, with identity, and one we can be proud of,” he says.

Picking coffee in Australia is expensive and no one wants to invest in hand-picking.

Zeta and her husband Marc know the difference this makes in the cup. It is that care, Zeta’s knowledge of coffee, and her experience as a former roaster that translates into the superb quality of her beans.

“Zeta works really hard on her crop,” he says. “It’s a great story that shows what can be achieved with knowledge, commitment, and a love of coffee: 1300 trees and picked by local mums and dads. We will do this every year if we can.”

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