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The coronavirus has created unprecedented change for most of us. Farmers and workers in the developing world are already among the world’s poorest people, living in communities with weak or non-existent safety nets. This means that any loss of livelihood will be felt all the more keenly and be a risk to their very survival.

This crisis is showing the critical role of businesses and retailers in supporting food security and ensuring the long-term resilience of our supply chains. The current impact on the coffee sector varies depending on the origin country’s harvest season. If movement restrictions continue and farmers and workers are unable to reach coffee farms, coffee production and shipping could be challenging.

There is also a perceived high health risk of COVID-19 in coffee-growing communities, as the majority of coffee farmers live in remote areas, with limited access to health care facilities.

Fairtrade is advocating for a comprehensive and coordinated response to the crisis, including urgent action in the areas of:

  • Protection of jobs and livelihoods
  • Provision of personal protective equipment
  • Strengthening support for urgent healthcare
  • Ensuring that the response helps global food supply chains become more sustainable and climate resilient.

Fairtrade has urgently adapted Premium investment guidelines to help producers adapt to the challenges and restrictions of coronavirus so they can continue to farm coffee now and into the future.

What can you do? As a roaster, the best way to support these farmers and the longer-term viability of the coffee industry is to keep asking your traders for Fairtrade coffee, to keep your Fairtrade supply chains open and active.

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