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These days, the role of the barista has become more prominent in coffee making, and LaCimbali has started adapting its machines to ease the daily movements that enforce the bond between the barista and their machines.

While the art of espresso tasting has developed into a real science, the same may be said of espresso preparation.

For this reason, LaCimbali has decided to introduce a new iconic model of its history: the M100 Attiva, a machine that combines elegance and high performance.

The M100 Attiva features improvements to its design, thermal system, ergonomics, and interface, while offering different customisation possibilities. Everything has been done in effort to improve the barista’s experience with the new M100 Attiva, and to allow them to always offer an excellent drink.

The thermal system is at the centre of everything. LaCimbali wanted a machine that could offer different solutions that could meet every barista’s needs while always offering top performance, cup after cup.

Its GTA system allows a change in water temperature and infusion time, which creates a perfect profile, regardless of the coffee order.

Ergonomics play a fundamental role in the relationship between the barista and their machine. With a few tricks, LaCimbali has managed to perfect the experience of using the new M100 Attiva and improve its efficiency. The Cold Touch steam wand is one example. The new design allows the barista to froth the milk in jugs of any size. It avoids burns and facilitates cleaning.

The new M100 Attiva range also offers baristas customisation options, including colours, and three- to six-button interface system, including touchscreens. Additional accessories are also available, including stainless-steel filter holders, filters, and special showers for coffee specialists.

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