Open for Business: Minas Hill

open for business minas hill

As the only Brazil Specialty Coffee Association member in Australia, Minas Hill has been talking extensively to farmers in Brazil over the last month, especially those who are committed to the Australian market.

Its three main suppliers of specialty coffee, Ismael Andrade, Pedro Gabarra, and Gabriel Oliveira, are reducing their prices and extending their terms to Minas Hill, so it can pass the same offer on to the Australian market.

This is the time we all should stick together, from farmers to roasters.

The main concern in Brazil is a domino effect, leading roasters to opt for cheaper coffees. As we don’t know yet the outcome of the crisis in Australia, Minas Hill says it’s too early to predict a recession in the upcoming months. Marcelo Brussi of Minas Hill would like to reassure all coffee roasters to focus on quality, so we can minimise the domino effect back to the farm. Not forgetting the small farmers – they generally produce only specialty coffees in low quantities, making them more vulnerable.

The most important thing for roasters to realise is that they don’t need to change their favourite coffee, because Minas Hill farmers have agreed to give the Australian market an important hand, both in quality and financially.

Minas Hill welcome all roasters, small or big, to come forward, because it offers great coffees and great deals.

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