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open for business riverina fresh

The changes in the café landscape in recent months have been unlike anything our industry has experienced previously, and it continues to have a huge impact. Many of Riverina Fresh’s café partners’ trade fell off a cliff in the space of a couple of days towards the end of March. It was a challenging time. But to the industry’s credit, there was an immediate response where many quickly looked at ways they could respond.

Riverina Fresh sought to collaborate with its specialty coffee and café partners. Many were forced to make fast changes to adapt to a new style of service and to survive the significant reduction in trade. These changes included expanding their takeaway options and pivoting from an eatery to local food pantry.

Riverina Fresh was proud to be able to provide milk and dairy products for café sale, point of sale material, social media support, and front-of-house refrigerators.

While sales of milk and other products alone are not going to offset normal café trade, it was a way of generating additional business. It also gave consumers an option to avoid crowds, pick up some essentials, and ideally grab a coffee or beans and some premium milk for their home coffee setup.

“We’re a 98-year-old, 100 per cent Australian owned dairy company that has had to navigate tough times, like supporting our farmers through extreme drought in the Riverina for the past three years,” says Riverina Fresh CEO Rob Collier. “Having been part of the specialty coffee industry for almost a decade, this challenge is like nothing else we have faced before. And while the challenge is far from over, it has been uplifting to see how the industry has come together to rally for their staff, their producers, their partners, and their customers.”

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