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open for business southland merchants

The coffee harvest in Brazil kicked off in May for most of producing regions, and in general, things are looking really good. Unlike last years’ harvest, Southland Merchants says this year’s climate hasn’t played up, cherries are maturing quite evenly, and crops are looking really healthy.

Its friends, farmers, and partners are very confident despite the COVID-19 outbreak, and the expectations are of an excellent harvest volume and quality wise. In saying that, there are still some concerns related to labour availability, with intensive labour demanded in fields, particularly at mountainous regions such as Matas de Minas, South of Minas, and Mountains of Espirito Santos, where mechanised picking is not viable.

The large-scale producers Southland Merchants source its coffees from mostly depend on labour from the local community, neighbouring cities, and even nearby states to get harvest done. These producers are more likely to be affected at some level by restrictions in place to promote social distancing.

Southland Merchants is in regular contact with its producers, who are implementing changes in their harvesting processes. This includes increasing the number of picking machines and hiring local labour that have been stood down from other industries. Southland Merchants is really excited and optimistic about this year’s harvest and trusts the industry will bounce back stronger.

It has been running a series of Instagram talks to keep the coffee industry up to date with what is going on in Brazil, as well as bringing relevant knowledge to the community. Southland Merchants has been supportive of roasters during these unprecedented times, working together to provide financial and product solutions.

It looks forward to seeing and, as Brazilians themselves, hugging all of its coffee friends soon.

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