Ordermentum celebrates 2nd birthday

Ordermentum, an Australian B2B web-based ordering and payments platform for the food and beverage industry, has celebrated significant growth in just two years of operation.

Aimed at simplifying supplier and retailer ordering processes and growing relationships, Co-founders Adam Theobald (creator of Beat the Q, now Hey You mobile ordering app), and Andrew Low (formerly of Toby’s Estate), say they couldn’t be happier at their business model’s progress.

“To go from 7500 orders a year to 100,000 orders by the end of the 2016 financial year is a testament to the platform and its value in the food and beverage industry,” Andrew Low says. “Like any second birthday party there was cake involved, but it really was a fantastic excuse for the team to get together and celebrate how far we have come and look at where we are heading. We’ve set some pretty ambitious goals and we’re excited to see how we have grown by our third birthday.”

In addition to the growth in orders, the company has seen a spike in staff employment to keep up with its growth, going from three team members in December 2015 to 15 team members as of the July 2016.

More than 3000 Australian cafes, bars and restaurants currently use Ordermentum. These suppliers and retailers include Lion, Toby’s Estate, Nudie, Brewtown Newton and Luxe cafes.

Ordermentum prides itself on knowing the coffee industry and what both suppliers and retailers want and need. It helps to solve and simplify one of the most mundane yet crucial aspects of cafes and the coffee industry – ordering from suppliers. The platform ensures ordering can be simplified by using a phone or iPad, and can be completed  within minutes. It cuts out unnecessary admin and paperwork time, and ensures payment is automatic so retailers don’t need to worry about chasing accounts.

With less administration, suppliers can spend more time on account management and business growth. The automatic payment system also ensures quicker cash flow.

Andrew says the beauty of the model is that retailers can place all of their orders in the one place, at the one time, and suppliers can receive all of their orders and payments in an organised and timely manner.

“The goal is to make ordering and payment so easy and seamless that it becomes almost invisible, letting the industry focus on great products and exceptional customer service,” he says.

For more information visit www.ordermentum.com/

To watch a video explaining how Ordermentum works, click here.

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