Origin Tea launches low sugar sparkling iced tea cans

Origin Tea

Australian tea company Origin Tea has made its first foray into the ready-to-drink market with sparkling iced tea cans that contain real tea.

Currently available in 250-millimetre cans in Sneaky Peach or Tropical Kiss flavours, the low-sugar product offers fizz with benefits including a third of the calories and sugar found in common carbonated drinks and the added health benefits of Ceylon tea. The product includes real tea made from a specially brewed syrup containing at least 20 per cent handpicked loose leaf single origin tea from Sri Lanka.

“As a tea business in a coffee-obsessed country, we’re always looking for new ways to make tea more fun and elevate it to coffee’s cult status, and a refreshing cold-brewed can goes straight to the heart of what Australians love,” says Origin Tea Co-Founder Chris Seaton.

“When we first started in the tea industry a decade ago, I didn’t think we would ever be producing craft drinks but there has been an amazing groundswell movement in Australia, led by craft brewers and distillers, and the drinks landscape has completely changed. Now there is so much more appreciation for quality beverages produced by Australian businesses, and growing interest in single origin tea, which has so many unique flavours, just like single origin coffee, but with some added health benefits.”

Chris says it was a timely process to get the recipe “just right” to create a beverage that tasted good and contained real tea.

“Our tea masters in Sri Lanka spent six months perfecting the process of brewing Ceylon leaves to create a syrup that was ‘teay’ enough to be a genuine tea drink and not just a tea-flavoured product, with just the right amount of sweetness from natural cane sugar and a refreshing fizz to create the perfect sparkling iced tea,” he says.

According to the tea company, Magic Mango and Lemon Zest flavours are coming soon.

For more information, visit origintea.com

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