Origin Tea offers free syrups to Australian cafés

Origin Tea

Australian tea company Origin Tea is providing cafés with free premium flavoured syrups for one month, followed by ongoing monthly deliveries at the most competitive price on the market to assist with rising costs and inflation.

Origin Tea launched its first range of syrups last year in caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, and chai tea flavours. According to the company, the flavourings can be used in tea, coffee, chai, milkshakes or other drinks to make them more fun and flavourful, while also adding value for cafés and customers.

“Syrups open up a whole new world of flavour and provide another reason for people to keep visiting their local café. The syrup market has grown into a $20 billion dollar juggernaut, and we want more Aussie cafés to get in on the action, so the first round is on us. Any café who signs on for our syrups in March will get the first month free,” says Origin Tea Co-Founder Chris Seaton.

Origin Tea is also offering a price-beat guarantee of 10 per cent on any similar product, with industry prices starting from $6 per 750-millilitre bottle.

“We have one of the best café cultures in the world and Australian’s love nothing more than visiting their local café to enjoy their favourite drink. Whether it’s a vanilla chai latte, caramel sticky chai, hazelnut latte or chai milkshake, once we find something we like, we keep coming back for more and that’s what we want cafés to tap into to get through these tough times,” says Chris.

For more information, www.origintea.com/products/coffee-syrups-offer

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