Outer Space Espresso

In the quiet suburb of Fortitude Valley in central Brisbane lies the perfect cottage garden for a morning refresher or afternoon wind down.

Opened in January, Outer space espresso is an outdoor-seated café with vibrant Moroccan sails that transports any weary customer to an exotic getaway.

“We offer a relaxing environment where we serve great espresso and provide an intimate space where we can have a chat with our customers, get to know people and welcome them into our home,” says Manager Hayley Frew. “I try and tap into the market, understand our client needs and provide friendly customer service.”

Hayley has been working in the coffee industry for 15 years and says it’s an exciting niche she can’t help but like. “I enjoying meeting lots of people from different walks of life and making them a great espresso,” she says. “I hope from serving a good product, people will bring their friends, then they will bring their friends and so on.”

The café uses Toby’s Estate Coffee, a brand Hayley says isn’t so common in Brisbane but one she wanted to introduce to her coffee-loving clientele.
The house blend is Toby’s Estate’s espresso Rico, which Hayley describes as “very smooth with a sweet aroma that matches both espresso and milk- based coffees”. A range of single origins are also available, including Hayley’s personal favourite – an Ethiopian Sidamo. “It’s so smooth, quite sweet and produces a wonderful crema,” she says.

Along with a team of five staff, Hayley’s brother James Frew is also part of the Outer Space Espresso family. Hayley says the two work well in the busy café environment, however when it comes to coffee making, Hayley knows exactly who’s boss. “I’d have to say I’m better,” she laughs. “I’m older so I’m allowed to say that.”

The café offers a range of light meals for breakfast and lunch, including a breakfast burrito, beef lasagna and popular mini burgers with angus beef, cheddar, potato crisp and sides – perfect winter dishes.

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