OXO Pop containers

Oxo Pop

OXO POP is a storage solution filled with endless possibilities for café owners looking to organise their kitchens and pantries. With 14 sizes, eight innovative accessories, an updated, modern look, and a new dishwasher-safe construction, OXO POP containers offer endless pop-abilities to organise a café or restaurant. 

OXO POP has a signature pop-up button, no-fail airtight seal, and modular stack ability. It looks great in any space and can be customised to create the perfect storage solution. 

Three new slim and three new mini-size containers make POP even more versatile. The new POP containers stack perfectly with existing POP containers, and are easy to disassemble for cleaning. They are now dishwasher safe.  

POP accessories include half-a-cup scoop, a coffee scoop, dusting scoop, rice scoop, leveler, brown sugar keeper, and date dial. 

For more information, visit www.kitchenhomewares.com.au

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