Pablo & Rusty’s certified carbon neutral

Pablo & Rusty’s carbon neutral

New South Wales coffee roaster Pablo & Rusty’s has received Carbon Neutral certification from Climate Active, the Australian Government’s carbon-neutral certifying body.

Pablo & Rusty’s is the first coffee company in Australia certified by this particular body, and it encourages other roasters to join it.

Abdullah Ramay, CEO of Pablo & Rusty’s, says the company couldn’t have achieved zero emissions without the support of its customers.

“We really have been in this together. The coffee industry spans almost every continent in the world. We are not just on the frontlines of the battle on climate change; our growers and their families are also particularly vulnerable to itsimpact. We must start doing something today,” says Ramay.

“We’re excited to continue our journey of positively impacting people and the planet through coffee.”

Becoming carbon neutral is just part of Pablo & Rusty’s ongoing sustainability journey. Over the last six years, the roastery has become a B Corp certified company; developed compostable coffee pods; collaborated with café partners to make all single-use cups and lids fully biodegradable; repurposed coffee husks for local farming programs and played a key part in the development of the Huskee Cup.  The roaster is currently trying to transition all of its packaging to be either recyclable or compostable.

Saxon Wright, Founder and Executive Director of Pablo & Rusty’s, says becoming carbon neutral is a launchpad towards more green initiatives.

“We still have so many things we want to do and improve on. We are going through an overhaul of our packaging to ensure it’s either compostable or recyclable, and looking at other ways to get our organic waste back to the land to improve our soils,” says Saxon.

“We want both our staff and customers to feel good about drinking our coffee and partnering with us, knowing they are helping drive positive change.”

Pablo & Rusty’s is now working towards becoming carbon negative in the future, along with aiding and advocating for regenerative soil and farming practices, both in Australia and abroad.

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