Paddington Social

Paddington Social

Chefs Gibb Mookachonpan, Tyler Sargent and Alex Senee co-own Paddington Social, and the Queensland-based venue is characterised by a fusion of their culinary talents.

“Because we are all chefs, you can be sure that the food offerings are amazing. We care a lot about how the food is served and presented,” says Gibb. She adds that this expert focus on quality food makes Paddington Social unique. “It is not often that all the owners of a hospitality business are chefs,” she says.

Because of this shared passion, Gibb, Tyler and Alex have been meticulous in selecting “the best coffee” to complement its food offering, working closely with Campos Coffee.

“We had a close relationship with Campos from the beginning and they really looked after us. We like that they take the quality of their coffee seriously and have always been consistent,” Gibb says.

Paddington Social uses Campos Coffee’s for its espresso-based coffees, and rotating single origin coffees for filter, which have been as well received as its food. “Everyone loves Campos. We are using the Superior blend as our house blend, which we like because it is not too dark or too light and appeals to a broader demographic,” Gibb says.

Many items on the brunch menu are seasonal, though Gibb says there are some popular permanent items. This includes the signature Chorizo Scotch Egg a soft-boiled egg wrapped with chorizo mince, crumbed then fried, accompanied by smashed avocado, a hash brown, and hollandaise sauce.

Paddington Social also offers a variety of house-made pastries thanks to Gibb, who is an English-trained pastry chef. She is particularly proud of her croissants made with imported French butter.

While the coffee and food are sophisticated, the culture and fit-out of Paddington Social is charmingly humble, says Gibb.

“The building is an old weatherboard Queenslander, which we repainted ourselves. We’re just three friends doing this together,” Gibb says.

They may be doing this together, but what the trio have established for Paddington the community, is a home away from home. “I feel like we’ve succeeded in creating a place where people choose to come and have a good time,” Gibb says.

Paddington Social

167 Given Terrace, Paddington, Queensland, 4064

Open Monday to Sunday 6:00 – 3:00pm

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