Paradox Coffee Roasters introduces premium single origin

Paradox Coffee Roasters

Paradox Coffee Roasters has released a Los Cantares Panama Geisha Natural single origin coffee in its new Premium Limited Release collection, with only 100 coffee tins being produced and roasted to order.

According to the roaster, the Los Cantares Panama Geisha Natural is unique, exceptional in quality and unparalleled in character and taste.

The single origin coffee is available in a 100-gram tin. Each coffee comes with information on the coffee estate owned by Marie Jackie Mercer, a premier award-winning coffee producer. It also comes with a brew recipe, coffee tasting notes and a personalised invitation to a virtual coffee tasting session led by Paradox Coffee Roasters’ Training Managers and Head Roaster.

“Our virtual tasting session is designed as a journey of discovery,” says Nicole Saleh, Marketing Director at Paradox Coffee Roasters. “People who purchase this coffee can join our Paradox team online for an interactive coffee experience to learn more about the coffee origin and farm, how the coffee is roasted, how to brew this exceptional filter coffee, a discussion of the characteristics in the cup and what makes this Los Cantres Natural Panama Geisha so special.”

The tasting sessions will be held throughout the month of January or until stock runs out.

The coffee has tasting notes of strawberries up front, soft floral jasmine, the sweet acidity of nashi pear and a gentle clean finish.

Los Cantares Panama Geisha Natural is priced at $65 for 100 grams and is now available to purchase online for a limited time or until sold out.

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