Paradox Coffee Roasters releases limited edition Mother’s Day blend

Paradox Coffee Roasters

Paradox Coffee Roasters has released a limited edition Mother’s Day blend featuring coffee from the Colombian Association of Small Coffee Growers (ASCAFE) Timbio Women’s Cooperative.

This cooperative focuses on female economic empowerment through coffee production. It provides employment for women, educational opportunities for their children, and helps improve the livelihoods of their families and community.

Paradox Coffee Roasters describes the Mother’s Day blend as “bright, bold and brilliant”, with a rich flavour and smooth profile.

The roastery is also offering coffee gifts to celebrate your mum, grandma, sister, aunty, and friends this Mother’s Day.

Gifts include a Mother’s Day Paradox v60 brew kit, a Capsule Variety Box with specialty coffee capsules that are compostable, biodegradable and Nespresso-machine compatible, and an Ultimate Paradox Coffee Capsule Kit with a DeLonghi capsule machine and a Capsule Variety Box with 40 capsules to enjoy.

Mother’s Day Coffee Gift Subscriptions are also available for consumers to choose a quantity of coffee and how often they would like it delivered, sent fresh from the Paradox Coffee Roasters’ roastery.

Free delivery is available with coffee orders over $40.

The limited edition Mother’s Day blend and gift range are now available to buy online. For more information, visit

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