Paradox Single Origin Collective

Paradox Single Origin Collective

Paradox Coffee Roasters has launched the Paradox Single Origin Collective, giving cafés access to some of the best tasting single origin coffees sourced from Paradox’s favourite coffee farms from around the world and roasted by Paradox Head Roaster, Paul Golding.

Cafés can sign-up at no cost to receive a free sample box each month with a featured espresso roast, filter roast, and a rare high end Single Origin Limited Release. Specialty origin coffees previously featured include a Colombia Pink Bourbon, Costa Rica Hacienda Pilas and a Brazil Pedra Batista Natural. 

The Paradox team values the importance of coffee education, providing tasting notes and digital brew recipe clips so cafés and their baristas can taste and appreciate each coffee before purchasing. 

From the farms they source from to their expert team that roasts and educates, Paradox Coffee Roasters are For The People, growing, roasting, educating, serving, and enjoying its coffee.

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