Pauls Professional scales up to supply 10-L bags nationally

Pauls Professional milk juggler

Australian dairy provider Lactalis has increased production capabilities of its Pauls Professional Full Cream Milk and Skinny Milk 10-litre bags with the special fitments for compatibility with milk dispensing machines such as the Juggler.

New production has just commenced at their Clarence Gardens site which will supply milk locally to the South Australian market and, for the first time, will also branch out into the Northern Territory.

The Tasmanian market has also commenced supply of the 10-litre bags with the special fitments from the beginning of August 2019.

Pauls Professional says this will give the its 10-litre range a national supply footprint.

The Pauls Professional milk range is specifically crafted for the café and foodservice industry and formulated to work with coffee to provide a superior taste and performance in every cup.

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