PC Eatery

PC Eatery

Pic’s Peanut Butter World is almost like something out of a Road Dahl book. A giant peanut butter jar sits outside the factory doors, which open to the public for tours six days a week.

And through those glass doors – emblazoned with a big red star – sits PC Eatery, a café that is part of the Pomeroy’s family that showcases all things peanut butter.

“We have a sweets cabinet with as much peanut butter in all of the slices as possible, daily rotating scones and scrolls, and a full lunch menu,” PC Eatery and Event Manager Laura Aylen says.

“We like to think we have an open and friendly environment and are lucky to be able to accommodate families with space for a kid’s area as well. Lots of families like coming by and popping their kids down while they catch up with friends over lunch and a coffee.”

Before relocating and expanding in February 2019, Pic’s peanut butter factory was located next store to another Pomeroy’s café, The Coffee Factory. They built a strong relationship Pic’s wanted to keep strong at its new site.

“Because we’ve been working alongside them for many years, we were very lucky that they came to us initially and asked if we’d be willing to open a café inside the new site,” Laura says.

“Although we are two separate businesses, we work very closely with the team at Pic’s to organise the tours and events in the café as well.”

Pomeroy’s roasts a custom blend, Pic’s Beans, to serve at the café and sell in the Peanut Butter World gift shop. Laura says Pomeroy’s wanted to offer something different and exclusive at the café.

“It’s got a slight peanut flavour within the coffee blend. When Tania Kitto, our roaster at Pomeroy’s roasts it, she takes care to make sure it accommodates the food quite nicely,” she says.

While border closures have limited the number of tourists dropping by the big peanut buttery attraction, Laura says it has provided the community a chance to see what’s on their own doorstep.

PC Eatery
49 Saxton Road West, Stoke, Nelson, 7011, New Zealand
Open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 3pm, Saturday 9am to 3pm
+64 3-928 0508

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