Perfect Moose automated milk steamer offers efficiency without compromise

perfect Moose

For anyone who’s worked a day in the industry, particularly during peak periods, it’s really not hard to understand the enthusiasm for Perfect Moose, says local distributor Barista Technology Australia.

Put simply, the fully automated milk steamer saves the barista time and accelerates their workflow, without any sacrifice to quality.

“A great cup of coffee is the product of craftsmanship, and as with any craft the term ‘automation’ can be looked upon with an understandable degree of scepticism by its respective artisans, where efficiency often comes at the price of quality,” says Brett Bolwell, CEO of Barista Technology Australia.

“However, the fully automated milk steaming utility of the Perfect Moose transcends any such misgivings, being well received by baristas who have been among the first to sing its praises. It’s favour by masters of craft see it quickly become an integral piece of equipment in many an operation within the professional coffee industry.”

Where previously a barista may have stood steaming milk for 30 to 60 seconds, Perfect Moose’s automation simplifies the process entirely by doing it for them. Where most other automated milk-steamers have a set push-button process, the Perfect Moose performs exact barista movements and can be adjusted to the specifications of their recipe, such as what type of milk, the type of texture, as well as specific temperatures.

“This consistency also ensures against possible human error, guaranteeing that every jug poured conforms to the same standard of quality,” Brett says.

Further to this, Perfect Moose optimises its potential for consistency and efficiency using a three-jug system, all available in several sizes, with RFID technology. Each jug is embedded with an RFID chip, which allows them to be individually set for different milk profiles, specific to different recipes.

For example:

  • Black – for denser textures such as cappuccino
  • White – for silkier textures such as lattes or flat white
  • Green – for plant-based milks, or alternative settings

“This is where Perfect Moose once again sets itself apart from other automated steamers that are limited to a single milk-type, and simply hold it at pre-programmed temperatures,” Brett says.

“Perfect Moose is no mere ‘hot-milk’ dispenser, and instead provides barista-quality milk textures.”

Not only does Perfect Moose save time during peak hour, it streamlines training and picks up the slack while baristas hone their skills.

“With a Perfect Moose on your bench you can steam two milk jugs at the same time, allowing you to double up your milk steaming, or steam one plant-based and one dairy jug by having the barista use the espresso machine for one while the Moose takes care of the other,” Brett says.

“We find that the ability to simply colour code milk types and textures in the interim not only saves time but ensures that recipes remain consistent despite the lack of experience. As someone who has recently tended to enjoy plant-based milks, I appreciate knowing that my oat milk latte won’t be steamed at the same temperature as regular dairy.”

Steaming and texturing milk is not only one of the most time-occupying aspects for baristas, it also represents one of the most wasteful and expensive components for the industry. Brett says the opportunity to maximise workflow during busy periods, while keeping flavour consistent and wastage to a minimum, makes it easy to understand why Perfect Moose has been so readily accepted and endorsed by the professionals in the community.

Watch the video below to see how the Perfect Moose fairs in the hands of an Australian Barista Champion.

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