Piazza D’Oro launches Dolce blend

Piazza D’Oro Dolce

Piazza D’Oro has unveiled its newest coffee blend, Piazza D’Oro Dolce.

Originating from Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia, the Piazza D’Oro Dolce blend is a specialty roast with a flavour profile of orange and lemon citrus acidity, with notes of caramel and almond to create a lightly syrupy mouthfeel.

“Bringing the addition of Dolce to our range is more than just a new product — it is a statement. It signifies our commitment to innovation and our understanding of the evolving tastes of our customers. We understand how serious people are about their coffee, especially in Australia, so we wanted to match that with a blend that proves how serious we are about our coffee,” says Piazza D’Oro ANZ Brand Ambassador Shaun Kumar.

“The brand refresh was about evolving to ensure we remain relevant to the modern coffee consumer, meanwhile retaining what is timeless for the brand. It was essential that our blends kept up with the modern consumer demands.”

The recent global brand refresh saw the shift from the traditional Italian roaster, transforming Piazza D’Oro into a modern roaster, enabling the brand to keep up with the ever-evolving coffee movement. With the brand refresh, the design of packaging also transitioned from heavy and dark colours to a minimalist design which features fresh and light colours.

The Piazza D’Oro coffee range is batched and roasted weekly and now consists of Dolce; Mezzo, a medium roast with flavours of milk chocolate, caramel, and toffee; Forza, a sweet dark roast with flavours of dark chocolate and cinnamon spices; Colombian, a 100 per cent Arabica single origin with flavours of caramel, toffee, and citrus; and Organic, an ACO Certified Organic blend with flavours of caramel, milk chocolate, and honey.

Piazza D’Oro is actively looking for new café and coffee partners that are aligned to sharing its passion for quality and craftsmanship to join the brand.

For more information, visit www.piazzadoro.com.au.

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