Piazza D’Oro unveils a complete overhaul of its branding and packaging

Piazza D’Oro

Piazza D’Oro unveils a complete overhaul of its branding and packaging to suit Australia’s sophisticated coffee landscape.

Piazza D’Oro coffee is the result of 265 years of knowledge and craftmanship in the field of blending and roasting thanks to parent company Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) Peets, one of the world’s largest pure play coffee and tea companies that has roasted some of the world’s favourite coffees since 1753.

This year, the business is taking its experience to the next level with a brand refresh to uphold its status as one of Australia’s leading coffee brands, synonymous with quality and taste.

“As one of the original espresso brands in the Australian café scene, Piazza D’Oro has a proud history of coffee excellence, always evolving and adapting to ensure that as a brand we deliver on our purpose to make good quality coffee accessible for everyone,” says JDE ANZ Marketing Director Virginia Marsh.

“The Piazza D’Oro refresh is about evolving the brand to ensure we remain relevant to the modern coffee consumer, while retaining what is timeless for the brand.”

Virginia adds that Piazza D’Oro has a long history in the Australian market, with a proud Italian heritage that continues to inspire creativity and excellence in coffee craftmanship.

“The brand refresh includes a range of five distinct blends on offer to meet the needs of today’s Australian coffee consumers. While it is a new look for the brand, the crafted blends remain unchanged — a new look, with the same great coffee,” she says.

The range consists of the Mezzo medium roast with flavours of milk chocolate, caramel and fudge; Forza, a sweet dark roast; Colombian, a 100 per cent Arabica single origin with flavours of caramel, citrus and toffee; Artisan, a rich fudge brownie 100 per cent Arabica blend; and Organic, a double certified and the most sustainable blend.

The Organic blend, formally packaged by JDE Professional as ‘Org’, is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and ACO Certified Organic, labels that stands for more sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and the planet.

“Our journey from farm to table includes our investment in sustainable farming practices. Our belief is that together, through the power of our brand, we can unite our actions to deliver impactful change and be a force for better,” says Virginia.

“While the blend recipes remain unchanged, [bringing Piazza D’Oro Organic into our core range] is a really exciting development for the brand as it formally welcomes dozens of existing, high quality and popular cafés and leisure sites around Australia into the Piazza D’Oro family, in turn helping to reach a larger scale audience and awareness for the overall Piazza D’Oro masterbrand.”

Partnering with Fuman, a packaging and graphic design agency based in Auckland, New Zealand, the coffee company has worked to deliver a packaging redesign for its beans and accessories over the past 18 months.

“We offer a branded Biocup certified compostable takeaway cup range, as well as branded sugar sticks to complete the package. We are so excited about our new look,” says Virginia.

“This will be supported with a completely refreshed eye-catching range of trade marketing assets and branding for our café partners, with a new hero colour ‘terracotta’ inspired by the artisanal skill of our Italian heritage. We will also have significant investment in media support for the brand across socials, out-of-home advertising, and events, as well as a brand- new website launching. The refresh will be visible across the café, hotel and leisure network nation-wide.”

Virginia says Piazza D’Oro believes in crafting exceptional coffee without compromise, taking the best of its people, blends, and coffee expertise to create high quality coffee experiences for everyone, every day.

“At Piazza D’Oro we always strive for better, and that’s what the brand refresh is all about. Constantly embracing our imagination and our passion for coffee to pave the way for the future,” she says.

“We appreciate that great-tasting coffee requires passion and dedication to continue to create high quality consistent blends that our customers love and rely on to support their business.”

To protect the brand’s ethos and ensure the best cup of coffee reaches every customer’s table, Piazza D’Oro provides a national training service for baristas.

“Locally, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers to deliver a great coffee experience every time, with a team of expert coffee trainers at our onsite training centres nationally, a regional network of distributors, customer service and technical service teams that are committed to keeping our customers businesses running and serving consumers the best coffee every day,” Virginia says.

It’s this commitment to consistency that Virginia says is the reason Piazza D’Oro has such a strong following of customers serving its beans.

“Piazza D’Oro has a fantastic national network of cafés, hotels and leisure sites proudly serving our exceptional blends, with many being part of the Piazza D’Oro family for more than 20 years,” she says.

“I think what sets Piazza D’Oro apart for our customers, is the consistently high quality of coffee we blend and roast locally in Australia, that they love and can trust will be the same, great quality every time. As a result, their own customers are regulars that return time after time.”

Piazza D’Oro aims to carry this dedication into all future endeavours, with premium coffee as its core.

“Our pack redesign is bold and brave, and we have a team of passionate account managers ready to take Piazza D’Oro to the next level for the brand. We have already acquired a number of key new café sites

that will launch the new brand look in some really fantastic locations on the Eastern seaboard. We also can’t wait to see the new terracotta café branding popping up in the hundreds of locations we have across the country,” Virginia says.

“Our main goal is to spread the Piazza D’Oro story in 2023 and give as many Australian coffee lovers as possible the opportunity to enjoy a great Piazza D’Oro coffee, either at their well-loved local café or on a well-deserved break at one of our hotel partners around the country.”

Piazza D’Oro is actively looking for new café and coffee partners to join the brand that are aligned to sharing its passion for quality and craftmanship. Virginia encourages the coffee community to get in touch and book a coffee tasting.

“Piazza D’Oro creates refined flavours, and it is our mission to serve a consistent cup of coffee each and every time. Ultimately, we want every cup of coffee with Piazza D’Oro to become an unforgettable experience,” Virginia says.

For more information, visit www.piazzadoro.com.au or get in touch at au.hello@piazzadoro.com.au to arrange a tasting.

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