Planut Almond Milk Base

Planut Almond Milk Base

Planut Almond Milk Base is made using carefully selected Australian blanched almonds and whole ground dates, which are precision milled to produce a super smooth texture.

Its shelf-stable Almond Milk Base is ready to be blended with water, to create a fresh and clean tasting, creamy milk that compliments all good coffee.

Without the use of gums, stabilisers and emulsifiers, Planut Almond Milk Base froths perfectly when steamed and never splits. Using only the goodness of whole plant ingredients Planut Almond Milk Base is available in five-kilogram pails that makes 50 litres of fresh Almond Milk.

You don’t compromise on the coffee, don’t compromise on the milk.

Take your milk game to the next level at and learn more about its starter pack.

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