Please Say Please

Opening its doors in Adelaide’s busy business district in March last year, Please Say Please drew in new customers with a $1 coffee special. While the price tag might have been the initial draw card, over 12 months have passed and those first customers have become loyal regulars.

More often than not, experienced barista and Owner Daniel Freer mans the Synesso generation 2 Hydra coffee machine. He says a consistently great coffee has become an expectation.

“The thing that really sets us apart is that our main focus is on our coffee. We’ve all been in this industry for a while and know how important it is to get it right,” says Daniel. “We really believe in the quality of our product, which I think starts with great coffee beans, staff knowledge and quality of machinery.”

Serving up beans roasted by Proud Mary Coffee in Melbourne, Please Say Please offers espresso, filter, and cold brew coffee.

Please Say Please uses a V60 pour over for their filter brew, and between one and three different single origins are available daily.

“For espresso we have our seasonal house blend as well as a single origin that changes weekly. Our house blend is really balanced, it makes a lovely black or white coffee,” says Daniel.

The café is built from rustic, raw materials, with just one eight-seater communal table and two seats at the bar.

“We do a lot of takeaways from our little window and we’re super quick at pumping them out,” says Daniel. “We get a lot of people coming into our little shop for a chat during peak period, which is the best part of being a barista.”

For their food selection Please Say Please offers simple brunch options, including fig and hazelnut toast, house made bircher muesli, chai porridge, and ciabatta toasties.

They’re also looking to bottle their own cold brew, which you can keep an eye out for next summer.

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