Poland’s Filip Kucharczyk wins 2016 World AeroPress Championship

Filip Kucharczyk of Cafe Targowa in Poland has won the 2016 World AeroPress Championship in Dublin, Ireland.

After an evening of hotly-contested competition on 23 June, the 11 international judges agreed that Filip consistently brewed the tastiest cup of coffee using an Aerobie AeroPress.

A party-like atmosphere full of psychedelic colour and fun prevailed as attendees enjoyed the competition along with food, music, and beverages at event venue WigWam.

The World AeroPress Championship was first held in 2008 at Tim Wendelboe’s coffeebar in Oslo. There were just three competitors, a token prize, and cake at the end. Eight years later, with events running in more than 50 countries, the World AeroPress Championship is a highly-respected competition on the coffee calendar.

“The 2016 World AeroPress Championship will be the most fiercely contested championship to date,” said Event Co-Founder Tim Varney.

And it was. This year saw a pool of more than 2000 competitors try their hand at the AeroPress competition, which produced 52 nation champions representing countries such as China, Ecuador, Finland, Romania, Iran, and Malaysia. For the first time Colombia also had a representative at the World Championship.

Australia’s Georgina Lumb of Patio Coffee Roasters in Adelaide represented Australia proudly on the international stage, having won the national title on 17 March. Unfortunately Georgina didn’t make it past the first round but told her Instagram followers, “man, what an experience”.

In true AeroPress tradition, the World AeroPress Championship served up free beer, delicious food, lots of laughs and plenty of AeroPressing.

The US-made AeroPress makes one to three cups of coffee in one minute using a unique brewing process which minimises bitterness and acidity. It has become a favorite of serious coffee professionals and amateurs alike for the amount of flexibility it permits in the brewing process.

For more information visit worldaeropresschampionship.com

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