Prana Chai Original Blend 250g


Prana Chai is lovingly handcrafted fresh every day in Melbourne. To make the fan favourite Original Blend, Prana Chai mixes Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified premium black tea leaves, whole spices, and ginger for an all-natural, preservative-free sticky chai.

Then, Prana Chai gently stirs in 100 per cent Australian pure honey to bind all the aromatic flavours together. This helps the tea and spices from ‘deblending’ – ensuring each and every cup served has the same, beloved Prana Chai flavour.

Over 10 years ago, Prana Chai’s founders opened a café in St Kilda and began developing a chai blend that they could serve alongside specialty coffee. As they perfected the recipe, customers grew to love their chai, and asked about serving it in their own cafés. From humble beginnings as a specialty drink at one local Melbourne café, now, Prana Chai is served by market-leading hospitality venues all around the world.

Now, Prana Chai has five different blends, including a Decaf version of the Original Blend, and a Vegan version blended with low G.I. agave instead of honey.

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