Precision Series

The Precision Series has been developed as a collaboration between Veneziano Coffee Roasters and Detpak to replicate the dine-in and takeaway coffee experience.

The cups, measured in millilitres, not ounces, have been designed to precisely reproduce dine-in cup volumes for the perfect coffee to milk ratio. 

The Precision Series provides the same taste experience for the customer, no matter if they’re dining in or grabbing a coffee to go. The new range allows better control over coffee recipes and consistency for the barista.

The Precision Series is now available in 160-millilitre, 200-millilitre, 240-millilitre, and 320-millilitre volumes via Veneziano Coffee Roasters and Detpak.

For more information, contact Veneziano at, Detpak at, or phone 1300 362620.

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