Primo Café

From CEO’s to tradies, coffee fans at Wetherill Park have found themselves a home at Primo Caffe’s flagship store on Victoria street.

“It’s really a broad clientele,” says Primo Caffe. “The cafe attracts everyone from white collar to blue collar workers, mums and bubs, and our friendly vibe is welcoming to everyone.”

Primo Caffe staff embrace a friendly atmosphere, priding themselves on customer interaction and remembering customers’ names from the moment they walk in the door.
The café has seen its volume jump from 2 kilograms of coffee a day to 8 kilograms, thanks to Primo Caffe’s impressively consistent coffee.
“Once the awareness of our good quality coffee developed, our list of regular customers piled up and we started capturing a lot of business,” says Primo Caffe. “For the area, we’re offering a quality of coffee they have never seen before.”

The Head Barista at Primo Caffe looks after barista training to ensure that staff are prepared to maintain this quality in high volume with every cup they serve. Primo Caffe says great quality coffee to start with makes the biggest difference in terms of guaranteeing consistency.

Primo Caffe serves the blend Espresso Numero Uno Beans. The blend is a dark roast that resonates on the palate with a combination of nutty and spicy tones.
When served with milk, Espresso Numbero Uno embodies a perfect rich oak flavour and spicy finish. Proof of the coffee’s distinguished notes is also evident in the high volume of retail coffee the café is selling off the shelf.

With an adjoining factory outlet connected to the café, Primo Caffe fans are able to purchase coffee bags at wholesale prices. The outlet also offers an array of associated coffee products.
Great coffee, both off the shelf and in the cup, isn’t all Primo Caffe offers. The venue also offers light meals, sandwiches, pasta and mini pizzas.

This combination of great food and stand-out coffee has made Primo Caffe “the place to be in Wetherill Park”.

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