Probat to launch new drum roaster at Host Milano

Probat roaster launch

Roasting plant and equipment manufacturer Probat will launch its new Px 120 drum roaster at HostMilano, from 18 to 22 October.

Almost all machine components of the Px 120 are completely redesigned and available as 3D data for the creation of a full virtual plant. The roasting system has been optimised using computational fluid dynamics analytics to increase coffee quality and energy efficiency.

A new partial recirculation system allows for 30 per cent less energy consumption while meeting high operational safety standards. A high-efficiency cyclone ensures effective chaff separation and fast and clean disposal.

The Px 120 is capable of roasting times ranging from six to 20 minutes, a batch size between 60 and 120 kilograms and a maximum output of 480 kilograms per hour, catering for midsize capacity requirements.

“The Px 120 is a unique fusion between sophisticated technology and classic design. It is the perfect choice for roasteries who want a flexible and consistent drum roaster while at the same time showing their customers what they do and how they do it,” says Dirk Brinker, Executive Vice President Sales at Probat.

The presentation also includes a demonstration of the company’s latest software development, the intuitive control solution Pilot 2020.

Pilot 2020 is a web-based application which features an intuitive human-machine interface, enabling roasters to modify vital roasting parameters by touch. Roasting profiles can be compared and reproduced, making their optimisation easier.

“We built the Pilot 2020 control solution from scratch, with an interface that provides a completely new user experience focusing on essential information to monitor and control the roasting process. The application is programmed using modern web technologies such as HTML5 and JS, which allows access from different devices and operating systems,” says Sebastian Fichthorn, Head of Software Engineering and Information Technology at Probat.

The introduction of a new joint venture, operating under the name of fabscale, rounds off Probat’s show appearance.

Founded by Probat and Cropster, fabscale aims to provide “innovative, intelligent digital business solutions for the large-scale coffee industry”.

To reduce data management complexity, fabscale presents a simple and actionable overview of the plant. The application is a manufacturer-independent software and can be used with any roasting machine and plant technology.

“Machine and plant management at every level is able to make instantaneous decisions based on accurate real time information, which results in increased productivity and consistency as well as higher quality regarding both the product and the whole process,” says Christian von Craushaar, CEO of fabscale.

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