Mazzer’s Kony Sg

The Kony Sg is Mazzer’s first commercial gravimetric coffee grinder, designed for medium-volume venues and specialty coffee shops.
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GROSCHE Yukon Insulated Coffee Tumbler

The new Yukon Insulated Coffee Tumbler range is the latest addition to GROSCHE’s line-up of quality coffee and hydration gear, designed with a greater purpose. Made of stainless steel and BPA free,
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Café Cool book release

Author Robert Schneider has released the third book in its series titled Café Cool. It features a curated selection of 39 cafés and coffee shops and roasteries in 26 cities around the world, illustrated with full-colour images. The curated selection shares a focus on modern contemporary designs, interior designs, and showcases independent, local coffee hubs that sit at the heart of communities. 
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Mazzer Philos grinder

Mazzer Philos

The Mazzer Philos grinder is a premium commercial single-dose, flat-burr grinder designed to get the most out of every coffee. Read More

Vitasoy Barista’s Choice Almond Milk

Vitasoy worked closely with one of Australia’s best baristas to achieve a rich, creamy mouthfeel and a round smooth finish in its Barista’s Choice Almond Milk, which is made from 100 per cent Australian-grown almonds. Read More
Übermilk Plus

Übermilk Plus

Übermilk Plus can foam and dispense up to six different hot, or cold liquids. The Übermilk Plus is totally modular and expandable based on specific needs. Read More