Fiorenzato AllGround Sense

Fiorenzato has introduced the AllGround Sense, an integrated scale grinder designed to excel in any environment while leaving no gram unmeasured. Read More

Milklab Limited Edition Merch Collab 

Milklab have teamed up with Aussie sustainable apparel brand The Common Good Co. and local Australian artist Luke John Matthew Arnold to create a range of clothing and accessories that are made with baristas and coffee enthusiasts at heart. Read More
Barista Hustle AutoComb

Barista Hustle AutoComb

The AutoComb hand powered Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) tool spins 12 carefully arranged needles at high speed to consistently distribute grinds and break up any clumps, which ensures the bed is ready for tamping, and an even extraction can be achieved. Read More
Wolff Coffee Roasters

Cold Wolff Cold Brew Concentrate

Wolff Coffee Roasters has launched the new Cold Wolff, reimagined with a sleek and innovative package tailored for cafés, bars, and restaurants. Customers can elevate their beverage game with this premium cold brew concentrate. Read More
Piazza D’Oro

Piazza D’Oro’s ‘coffee on us’

As part of the recent Piazza D’Oro brand refresh, through October, 60 café partners are participating in a consumer promotion to drive coffee sales and engagement with each of their outlets. Read More
BRITA PURITY C 150 Quell ST filter


BRITA PURITY C 150 Quell ST filter cartridges expertly reduce carbonate hardness and limescale deposits in many professional equipment, resulting in fewer machine breakdowns. Read More