Etzinger Etz-I Hand Grinder

Etzinger sets new standards in manual grinding with a fresh design available in two versions, Trim and Regular. Both versions feature a retractable crank with an ergonomic handle, magnetically attached lid and collection cup as well as a single-piece absolute vernier scale. Read More
Piazza D’Oro

Piazza D’Oro

Piazza D’Oro has introduced a new packaging design for its range of coffee blends to ensure that the overall consumer brand experience continues to match the quality of the coffee. Read More
Super Jolly V Up

Mazzer Super Jolly V Up

The Super Jolly V Up is reliable, easy to use, with everything you need to make excellent coffee in a small to medium-sized coffee shop. Read More
Fiorenzato Pietro

Fiorenzato Pietro

Fiorenzato, an industry leader of commercial coffee grinders, recently introduced the Pietro, a flat burr manual grinder designed with comfort, efficiency, and precision in mind. Read More
Mazzer T-Tamper


The Mazzer T-Tamper has been designed to guarantee precision as far as calibrating the weight distributed on the coffee puck by the rotating tamper. Read More