Bonsoy soy milk

We can handle you at your hottest. Not only are baristas attractive, they have to work under pressure. Nine bars of pressure, to be exact. Not to mention the steam. Sounds like a good party? It can be, as long as everyone turns up and plays their part. Read more

milklab almond

Milklab Almond

Milklab Almond is Australia’s foodservice exclusive Almond milk for coffee. It is designed to texture and stretch with high performance.

Its almond milk is rich, creamy and offers a delicious nutty taste which compliments the flavour of espresso coffee. Milklab Almond is also proudly lower in sugar and fat than regular dairy.

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bonsoy almond milk

Bonsoy Almond Milk

Pair your beans with our nuts. Baristas – we’re not being crude, we’re being healthy. At Bonsoy, that’s very important. Our all-natural almond milk uses roasted almond paste. Read more

Milklab Lactose Free

Milklab Lactose Free

Milklab Lactose Free is a collaboration supporting Australian dairy farmers to produce a high performance foodservice exclusive Lactose Free milk for espresso coffee. Read more

Melitta Cafina XT7

Melitta® Cafina® XT7

Already have a variety of milk types to prepare? Need something extra to handle requests for dairy alternative products? The Melitta® Cafina® XT7 automatic coffee machine leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Read more

Alternative Dairy Co Oat

The Alternative Dairy Co. Barista Oat Milk

Aussie oats for coffee notes. Crafted especially for cafés, The Alternative Dairy Co. Barista Oat Milk is made locally with Australian-grown oats and simple ingredients. It’s a high performance plant milk that is easy to work with and delivers consistent texture for a creamy, coffee-forward cup. Read more

Eureka Helios

Eureka Helios 80

The Eureka Helios is now available at Service Sphere. This grinder comes with new and improved features, including increased productivity of 56 per cent compared to the Olympus 75E HS, producing seven grams per second for espresso. Its high dose stability is also improved by 13 per cent compared to the Olympus model. Read more

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