Profitec upgrades Pro 700 espresso machine

Profitec Pro 700

The Profitec Pro 700 dual-boiler espresso machine has received a facelift and upgrade to its steam pressure.

Australian distributor Jetblack Espresso says the improvement in steam pressure elevates the Profitec Pro 700 V2 beyond most prosumer machines and even some commercial machines.

“The increase in steam will make it easier for the home barista to achieve silky textured milk and is expected to be a key selling point in an increasingly crowded prosumer market,” Jetblack Espresso’s Charlie Monteleone says.

Other updates include bigger pressure gauges for the pump and boiler, at 60 millimetres, and a stainless-steel group head mushroom, rather than a chrome plated unit.

“The improvements represent a commitment from the German brand to keep its flagship machine on the shortlist of shoppers looking for a high-end prosumer machine,” Charlie says.

The Profitec Pro 700 V2 is available through Jetblack Espresso for $4400.

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