Profitec’s newest dual boiler

Profitec’s newest machine is the Pro 600 – a dual boiler with PID control at a compact 30.5 centimetres wide.

Australian distributor Jetblack Espresso says the advantage of the dual boiler design is that steam pressure can be turned up without affecting the temperature of the brew water.

“Profitec has leveraged this design feature to crank the steam pressure to an impressive two bar. This makes short work of texturing milk to a silky consistency,” Jetblack Espresso’s Charlie Monteleone says.

The coffee boiler temperature is easily controlled via the PID, which doubles as a shot timer while brewing. An E61 group head adds pre-infusion and temperature stability.

“The machine slots into the Profitec line up between the Pro 500 heat exchanger and Pro 700 dual boiler, giving consumers even more choice when considering a prosumer espresso machine,” Charlie says.

The Profitec Pro 600 is available through Jetblack Espresso for $3600.

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