Pumbaa latte art by Amy Zhang

Pumbaa latte art

Amy Zhang shares her latte art design of the iconic Disney character that won her the 2022 Australian Latte Art Championship title.

Amy Zhang is the 2022 ASCA Australian Latte Art Champion.

Have you ever heard the lyrics “Hakuna Matata, it means no worries”? This is the song Pumbaa, from the film The Lion King, loves to sing. It translates to facing difficulties with positivity and without worry, embodying the philosophy of living carefree. This concept deeply touched me and inspired me to create the Pumbaa latte art design.

The character of Pumbaa has an optimistic spirit that seamlessly integrates with this philosophy. I introduced him into the world of coffee competitions because he represents a positive way of life that aligns perfectly with the coffee culture. Through my artwork, I aim to inspire others in the competition, encouraging them to pursue excellence in the realm of coffee, just like the characters in the film who bravely face life’s challenges. Simultaneously, it’s a way for me to infuse more positive energy into my own presence on the competition stage, reminding myself not to worry about the outcome but to enjoy the moment fully.

In crafting this design, I will employ techniques involving six rosettas, dragging foam, and etching skills. The challenge lies in creating Pumbaa’s face symmetrically. To embark on this creative endeavour, meticulous preparation with an etching pen and black edible pigment is essential. I hope this design inspires you to maintain a positive attitude throughout the year ahead.

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Amy Zhang’s Pumbaa

Step 1

With a clean base and the handle to 12 o’clock, pour a six-leaf rosetta in the middle of the cup to create the bridge of the nose.

Step 2

Turn the cup handle to 11 o’clock and pour two five-leaf rosettas in a semi-circle shape to create Pumbaa’s cheek.

Step 3

Turn the cup handle to 2 o’clock and repeat the motion to create the other cheek on Pumbaa’s face with two five-leaf rosettas.

Step 4

Turn the cup handle to 3 o’clock and pour the last curved rosetta to create the top of Pumbaa’s head.

Step 5

Drag the milk foam in a heart shape to create Pumbaa’s snout.

Step 6

Grab your etching pen and draw a small curved line to create Pumbaa’s mouth.

Step 7

Draw two wavy lines on the side of the nose, then draw two ears and two tusks.

Step 8

Finish by etching small dots with black paint to complete the eyes.

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