Pure Boutique Coffee Bar


When Pure Boutique Coffee Bar became overcrowded with coffee-craving customers, Owner Warwick Deare’s only solution was to expand. As luck would have it, the newly refurbished coffee bar reopened in November – directly across the road from their previous location.

“We’re up and running in a much larger space and we’re going from strength to strength,” says Warwick. “Glenelg is a bustling tourist spot near the beachside so we needed to cater to the growth of our customers and expand.”

The new coffee bar has additional floor space, a kitchen, and a new-look menu offering boutique beer and wines. “We still have a strong boutique coffee focus but we’re expanding our interests because we see a great marriage between beer, wine and coffee,” says Warwick.

Taking influence from the Norwegian coffee scene, Warwick has introduced a range of coffee cocktails to his venue. The Bartender’s Latte is their signature drink, which includes small cold drip ice cubes as a additional feature. Another favourite is the Antipode, which consists of a large sphere-shaped cold drip ice cube. “The area has been a bit starved of anything new and different, so now we stand out like a sore thumb, trying to create interest in our products,” says Warwick.

The venue is open each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The café serves Norway’s Tim Wendelboe’s full range of coffees through their Synesso Hydra three-group machine. For their house blend Pure Boutique uses Five Senses’ Harvest Blend, which Warwick describes as “smooth and well-rounded”. Seasonal coffees from Seven Seeds and Barossa Coffee Roasters are also favourites.

Visitors to the Glenelg venue can try a range of alternate brew methods including siphon, aeropress, pour over and filter. The full menu caters to the popular breakfast trend. Popular items include the Norwegian waffles or Hunters Breakfast: free-range eggs on house-made bread with Barossa bacon, and a duck and pork cassoulet.

Pure Boutique’s favourite chalk artwork from a local tattoo artist has reclaimed the new wall space, while new additions include a piano and guitar for live acoustic music acts. “On any day there will be grannies at the front having a latte, young ones drinking siphon coffee and a bunch of blokes drinking beers down the back.”

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