Puretec’s Balance+ series

The role of water when creating coffee is to extract flavour compounds from the bean. Ideally, brewing coffee collects appetising compounds and leaves behind the unpleasant ones. Calcium, magnesium, and carbonate play an important role in enhancing and muting flavours derived from coffee grounds. 

Balance+ Technology was brought about from the desire to maintain flavour-enhancing minerals in the water so that a balanced flavour is achieved, while still protecting equipment from limescale. Balance+ Technology transforms calcium bicarbonate into a harmless, crystal form of calcium carbonate. After these calcium carbonate crystals are created, they cannot dissolve in cold or hot water, thereby preventing the formation of limescale within the system.

This filter is designed especially for coffee specialists – designed in Australia for the Australian coffee market. 

For more information, visit www.puretec.com.au

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