Quality meets beauty in Bellezza home coffee machine range


Thanks to the Bellezza range of coffee machines, Barista Technology Australia CEO Brett Bolwell says coffee drinkers can enjoy the “exquisite ecstasy of finely crafted coffee flavour” in the comfort of their own home.

“Even prior to the events of the last few years – has it been that long already? – when terms like ‘quarantine’ were quickly becoming commonplace, there has been a steadily increasing trend in the sales of high-end coffee equipment for the home,” Brett says.

“As developments in the coffee industry continue to redefine standards for quality coffee flavour, and with the public having to spend more time at home and unable to visit their local cafés as often as they’d like, more and more people are appreciating the investment in of a high-quality espresso machine in their pursuit of quality coffee.”

He says Bellezza stands apart from the many espresso machines on the market suitable for home use, renowned for its exceptional design that routinely delivers the barista-quality flavours so sought after at home.

Though founded in 2017, Bellezza arrived onto the scene with more than 45 years’ experience in manufacturing coffee machinery as Beberich Kaffeemaschinen.

“Bellezza’s continuation of an all-encompassing, in-house, production that adheres to the most stringent quality-controls, would seem the foundation of their well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality coffee flavours,” Brett says.

The Bellezza Inizio V (Vibration) and Inizio R (Rotation) were the starting pointed for the manufacturer.

“Designed with the intent to exceed the highest standards, Italian traditions were incorporated into precise German engineering to create quality of immaculate proportions,” Brett says.

“As with all their products, the boiler, housing, and feet are constructed of 100 per cent stainless steel and is finished and assembled by hand.”

The Inizio V is a dual-circuit machine that features a rotary valve with vibration-type pump. Whilst the dual-circuit Inizio R also incorporates a rotary valve, it uses a rotation-type pump instead of vibration. Both machines have a generous water tank capacity of 2.4 litres, and boiler volumes of two litres precisely, complete with stylish PID with pre-infusion control.

Informally dubbed ‘the little one’, the Chiara is Bellezza’s compact option, intended for the hobbyist barista, or the smaller venues that still wish to provide the option of quality coffee. Its compact size makes no compromise on quality, and it retains dual-circuit functionality, while incorporating a vibration-type pump, composite of an elegant PID with pre-infusion control. Though the water tank is understandably smaller, at 1.8 litres it suffers no huge loss, and the two -litre boiler volume accommodates this entirely, and with ease.

‘Bellezza’ meaning beauty and ‘Valentina’ translating as healthy and strong, the Bellezza Valentina is aptly named.

“This machine incorporates all the finest features of Bellezza design, resulting in a machine that is not only robust in its quality but is also quite beautiful to behold,” Brett says.

“In addition to its rotary valve and vibration-type pump, its highly responsive Flick Levers offer precise functioning of both the steam and water tap, with a precision and feel that is quite simply stunning, as espressos brew quick and smooth.

Its standard 58-millimetre portafilter and basket, Stainless Steel E61 group head, heat controlled by the large 2000W boiler ensures heat increase quickly, and temperatures are perfectly maintained, ensuring a flavourful espresso whilst also steaming milk at the same time.

Brett says the the consistently high quality of Bellezza’s range is impressive and reassuring, but makes it quite difficult for him to pick a favourite.

“Every machine ultimately delivers perfection in terms of exceptional coffee flavour. At the end of the day, it really came down to personal preference: if you’re dealing with smaller volumes, or you want something personal just for yourself and a partner, or perhaps even your own office, then the Chiara is a great fit,” he says.

“Both the Inizio V & R models offered a specificity for the more exacting operator, with a functionality perhaps also suited to the aspiring barista. Add to this slightly increased volume, and we’re not surprised to see the Inizio as a choice also for smaller professional cafés.”

“However, by personal consensus we arrived upon the Valentina as our favourite, charmed by its beauty and ease-of-use, it’s ideal for home use. It’s a machine you want to wake up to.”

For more information, contact orders@baristatechnology.com.au or click HERE.

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