Rancilio Grindtec Stile

Rancilio Grindtec Stile

Rancilio Grindtec Stile is the new ultra-compact on-demand dosing grinder designed for home and coffee shops.

It’s easy to use with first-class performance and stylish looks. Stile guarantees precision grinding and dosing for every type of coffee preparation, from espresso to French Press, and is available in black and white.

It’s suitable for different consumption situations, with 58-millimetre flat steel grinders and an average output of 1.5 grams per second, based on espresso. By turning the continuous ring nut on both sides of the dosing grinder, it is easy to fine-tune the coffee grind size.

The touchscreen can be used to program two doses, single and double, and a third dose can also be saved with the continuous button.

It also features a digital stopwatch, showing the time of the last brew and an alert icon indicating when it is time to replace the grinding burrs.

For more information, visit https://www.ranciliogroup.com/rancilio/stile/

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