Raspberry Fool

Chef and Café Owner Gail Sellin is no stranger to the hospitality scene. For 10 years she worked in high profile restaurants in Sydney before realising she missed the casualness of the café lifestyle.

Gail’s solution was to move to Tasmania with her partner. “I wanted to get my teeth into my own business. I decided running my own café would be the best way to do that,” she says. “I love that being a café owner means that I’m part of someone’s day; whether that’s because I have a conversation with one of my customers, or I serve them a great cup of coffee.”

Before opening Raspberry Fool in 2012, Gail knew exactly what coffee she’d like to use. “It had to be Campos Coffee,” says Gail. “I’m a devotee after years of living in Sydney, and I wanted my Tasmanian customers to have the same experience. So Raspberry Fool became the first Tasmanian café to serve Campos.”

Long-term employee Mark Luckman is the smiling face that greets customers each day. Along with full time barista Cassidy Kelly, they both work their magic on the La Marzocco machine, serving Campo Coffee’s Superior blend. “I deliberately chose this blend because it’s instantly recognisable with the Campos  brand. “It’s strong-flavoured, smooth and has a touch of caramel tones,” says Gail. “Our café is sought-out by locals who know the Campos Coffee brand because they associate it with quality.”

The café hosts 20-seats and big glass windows to watch the world go by. On the weekdays, the venue attracts plenty of local customers, and by the weekend lots of families and tourists pop in.

Gail says the café name Raspberry Fool is a play on an old fashioned dessert that dates back to the 16th century. “Raspberry Fool is made from whipped cream and raspberry. It’s simple and elegant; all the things our café is,” Gail says. “All the sweets your grandma makes can be found here.”

Classics sweets to sample include raspberry and coconut slices, and bread and butter pudding. An all-day breakfast menu is also available. All the bread and pastries are made on-site, with nine different types of homemade pies to savour, including Moroccan lamb. “Hobart is a small town with a small population, but within our café we have our own tight-knit commnity of loyal regulars who love their coffee,” says Gail.

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