R&CA partners with Uber Eats to help cafés recover from COVID-19


Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) has re-signed a partnership with Uber Eats designed to help restaurants, cafés, and caterers recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This partnership will help thousands of hospitality venues continue to operate throughout lockdowns and restrictions by offering delivery and takeaway options amidst staff shortages.

This agreement sees R&CA members given access to insights and resources that unlock discounted activation fees and free sponsored listings on Uber Eats. R&CA member also receive discounted fees with their membership.

“This partnership, now entering its second year, is about ensuring R&CA’s members across the country are being connected and supported by the single largest delivery platform in Australia,” says Wes Lambert, CEO of R&CA.

R&CA currently represents more than 48,000 restaurants, cafés, and caterers across Australia.

Supporting more than 30,000 restaurants, Uber Eats seeks to grow restaurant businesses and increase customer reach.

“Our 2020 benchmarking report showed that 41 percent of respondents indicated they used a third-party delivery service, with the most popular platform being Uber Eats,” says Wes.

“In a sign that platforms like Uber Eats will continue to play a significant role in our industry, 53 per cent of respondents [to the benchmarking report] indicated that they expected delivery to play a similar or larger role in their business over the next 12 months.”

The agreement was first signed in April 2020 and was the first of its kind between Uber Eats and an industry body across Australia and New Zealand.

“As consumer demand for delivery continues to grow, Uber Eats is focussed on how we can continue to support our valued restaurant partners as they lean into e-commerce to sustain and grow,” says Bec Nyst, Head of Restaurants at Uber Eats Australia and New Zealand.

“We’re excited to extend this partnership, to enable us to work collaboratively with R&CA members and help them leverage and operationalise this ripe business opportunity.”

For more information, visit www.rca.asn.au/

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