Record attendance to see SCAA’s Peter Giuliano at Knowledge Talks

Peter Giuliano of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Counter Culture Coffee has completed a whirlwind tour of Australia’s East Coast as the guest speaker for Toby’s Estate’s Knowledge Talks.

Record crowds across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart gathered to hear Peter present his wealth of industry knowledge and opinions from 7 – 10 November.

“I’m so impressed by the coffee community in Australia,” Peter said. “People have shown up to these talks curious, engaged and open. It’s been a conversation every night, and that’s the best response you could hope for.”

Peter shared his knowledge on World Coffee Research’s (WCR) sensory lexicon, SCAA’s revised coffee flavour wheel, and the importance of science and research in coffee.

“Those interested in coffee flavour and intrigued by the new lexicon and Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel. There wasn’t much information on it before, so now that there is, people are craving that knowledge,” Peter says.

This says to me that there’s a lot of momentum in the Australian coffee community at the moment to do things together, such as this event.”

Throughout the year Toby’s Estate has invited industry icons to Australia to participate in the educational talks, including Acaia President Rex Tseng, Scace Device inventor Gregory Scace, former International Coffee Organisation Head of Operations Mauricio Galindo, and just this week, SCAA’s Peter Giuliano.

“I really wanted people to walk away with the belief that coffee research is worth doing, whether it be in small coffee shops, manufacturing or retail outlets. If each sector of this industry dedicated a little bit of their resources to research, what an amazing platform of knowledge we would have. Together we can do more, and I hope I’ve planted the seed for people to get enthusiastic about the special things this industry can create together. It really is an exciting time to be in coffee.”

All proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to the Las Nubes Daycare and Afterschool-Learning Centre. The centre supports the education of over 40 children aged between three and 12 in the coffee community of Acatenango. For further information visit: and

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