Red Berry Espresso

Adelaide’s Eastern suburbs boast an array of coffee outlets, serving premium quality coffee to the adoring population of suburban inhabitants. There are none better than Red Berry Espresso, the brainchild of owner, roaster and barista, Walter D’addario.

Situated just off of Greenhill Rd in Glenside, Red Berry Espresso is more than just another place to grab a coffee. In fact, Walter describes it more as a “coffee concept shop”, where aside from drinking coffee, you can buy a range of beans, domestic coffee machines and all accessories necessary to be a home barista.

There are no fancy baguettes, just a small sample of pastries to accompany the coffee.

At present, Walter plies his craft of roasting off-site, but next to the serving counter sits a five kilogram Toper roaster which will soon be installed and ready to roast the impressive array of single origins painstakingly selected by Walter.

Single origins including Brazil Santos, Columbian Supreme, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ethiopian Hara, Ethiopian Yirgocheffe, Guatamala, Honduras, Kenya, New Guinea Peaberry Sigra, Panama and Zambia. There is also the Red Berry Blend, the only blend available.

The coffee is pulled through a white Sanremo espresso machine, installed by Walter himself, that sits behind a counter leading from the entrance to the roaster, which itself will soon be situated by hessian sacks of the green beans.

Topping off the quaint atmosphere is Walter’s second passion – cycling, with bicycles and bicycle-themed memorabilia squeezed in-between the coffee paraphernalia.

If you love a coffee specialist, drop in to Red Berry espresso.

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