Rezz Hotel

Rezz Hotel

After a complete rebuild of the entire venue in 2021, the Rezz Hotel is a completely unique space to any other hotel South Australia.

Director of Rezz Hotel Richard Hanood says the design encapsulates a Mediterranean look and feel, utilising natural materials such as rendered walls, arches and slate paving throughout, complete with a central internal piazza.

“The focus for us was for it to become a meeting place for friends, family, and the local community. We want to build a strong café culture at the venue that will have a solid impact on the public,” says Richard.

Studio Nine Architects are responsible for the new design of the Rezz Hotel in Newton, which honour the venue’s rich history in addition to creating four new spaces, a café and play area, the stylish Z-Bar and restaurant, a trendy sports bar and beer garden, and a spacious gaming lounge for late-night entertainment.

Richard says the café and play area are sure to be a new favourite among families, with the rebuild creating a unique indoor and outdoor dining experience.

While customers take in the venue’s unique ambience, Richard says they can enjoy Veneziano Coffee Roasters’ Crave blend, a coffee with notes of almonds, dark chocolate and caramel.

“We tried out many different coffee producers and roasters, as we were looking for a coffee that just hit the mark. That’s when we found Veneziano’s Crave blend. It’s got a really lovely balance and suits us perfectly,” says Richard.

“We went through the process with Veneziano, and they spoke with us about what flavour profiles, equipment and servicing and support they had on offer, and with that relationship, they just ticked all the boxes. While the competition was strong, they outperformed across the board.”

When entering the venue, customers are presented with a glass display cabinet of modern Mediterranean style food, including cheeses, cured meats and aged steaks.

“I’d say our most exciting offering is our Marana Forni rotating pizza oven, which delivers exceptional pizzas. We hand-stretch our own dough and source a lot of ingredients locally,” says Richard.

“[It’s] the perfect place to bring the kids for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We’re excited to broaden our range of customers and be known as a place where you can get a great meal and an even better coffee.”

Rezz Hotel

20 Hamilton Terrace, Newton, South Australia, 5074

Open Monday to Thursday 8am – 8:30pm, Friday 8am – 9:30pm

and Saturday and Sunday 8am – 9pm

08 8337 2888

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