Rhino Blender Adapter

When you think about the products a barista rinses constantly, it’s no longer just a milk pitcher. Thanks to the rise of alternative brew methods, it means plungers, Chemex and AeroPress devices are in constant use, and even blender jugs for freshly made smoothies and juices.

Rather than visiting the café sink to clean these larger devices, Rhino Coffee Gear has come up with a simple but functional solution to utilise the sink most cafés have next to their machine.

Known as the Rhino Blender Adapter, this cool tool has a generous base plate to suit most blender jugs including brands like Vitamix and Blendtec, and will adapt to the Rhino Vessel Rinser. Simply flip your blender jug or brewing device over the base plate, and let the rinser do the work.

The extension adapter attaches to existing Rhino valves allowing the spinjet valve to sit 100 millimetres higher than most rinsers for an effective clean.

With the RHPR600 model, baristas can even adapt the sink to include two rinsers – one for milk pitchers and one for blender jugs.

To try this product for yourself or for more information, contact Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies on 1300 724 249 or visit bomborasupplies.com.au

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